EL GRAN FINAL Bucraá Circus

Contemporary clown and gestural street theatre

Fané solamente Cia.Pau Palaus

Contemporary clown and gestural street theatre


- 23 February 2019 : Espai Emprius (Sabadell-Catalunya)

- 24 March 2019 : CircCric (Sant Esteve de Palaustordera-Catalunya)

- 4 and 7 April : Mostra de Teatre Infantil i Juvenil d'Igualada (Igualada-Catalunya)

- 13 and 14 April : City of Wings Ypres (Ypres-Belgium)

- 1 of June : Curtcirkit Festival (Montgat-Catalunya)

- End of Agust (to concret) : Festivalet de Circ de Manresa (Manresa-Catalunya)


El Gran Final aims to be a tragicomedy that bases its essence in a reunion of two

clowns who had to separae many years ago as a result of a breakout of a civil war.

This war, interrupted the last show, just before his grand final act.

The conflict forcem them to take different ways, and never have contact with each

other. Is now, after more than 30 years, endless steps, a dily and constant struggle

for survival and an aging bodys, when tehay meet again and decide to finish their

great end.

A tribute to one of the most beautiful and generous trades in the world, the job

of beign a clown. Feel to create a dialogue from the emotions where words are


A collective imaginary that clowns of all times have left us in t he memory.

A contemporary clown and gestural street theatre performance by Pau Palaus and

Fernando Villella.


Duration : 60 minutes