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Dudu Arnalot

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Bucraá Circus

Contemporary clown and gestural street theatre performance
¿ Do you want to feel and play together?

Fané Solamente (Pau Palaus)

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A tender and quiet clown that the only thing that he wants to do is play. 
Play together, makeing every show unique and different. 

What objects bring with him in his bag?

The improvisation of the character will make us live magic moments, and we never know where we gonna go! 

Do you want to discover together? 

A clown and gestural street theatre performance from Pau Palaus.

Insomni (Dudu Arnalot)


A square with an old bed, a clown ready to sleep.

But people, noises, surprises and other adversities will not let him rest until he takes him to Insomnia, from where he will start a poetic journey, endearing and full of surreal situations.

New proposal by Dudu Arnalot. Gestural clown show that will take us to enjoy a symbolic and unique experience in a cozy atmosphere, where laughter will accompany us at all times

El Gran Final (Bucraá Circus)


A tragicomedy that bases its essence on the

reunion of two clowns who had to be separated, many years ago, by the

outbreak of a civil war. This war interrupts their last function just before of "The big end". The conflict forces them to take different paths.

It is now, after almost 30 years, when they meet and decide to finish their Big end..

A tribute to one of the most beautiful trades in the world; be a clown. An imaginary that clowns of all times have left in our memory

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Maria Soler Carrasco

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